Alright, here's the deal.

2008-05-03 23:16:11 by LiquidEcstacy

So...I'm getting tired of the blatant stupidity of this website.

#1. Zero bombing should not be possible. Every vote should have to have a review to go with it. No matter what. And the review and vote should be approved before hand.

#2. I'm tired of dealing with retarded people on here. Like for instance the dumb piece of shit who compared one of my songs to a song that sounds "NOTHING" like it. Like....Not even a little bit close to it.

So...If you want to continue to listen to my music, I will still have my music myspace at

And I will also be working on a demo soon, It won't sound anything like any of my other songs, trust me...So far its going amazingly.

So...I'm deleting all of my songs except for Ego boost, One Last Glance, This is The End, and Never Forget.

Hope you guys stick with me.

Peace out.


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